frequently asked questions

Q: what kind of items are available?

A: there are a range of lifestyle products available for the home. anything from kitchenware to the tabletop to gifts and the odd cookbook I am currently loving. I source products from antique shops, flea markets, independent boutiques and artisans. keep checking back in as I update the store as much as possible. 

Q: are the items brand new?

A: this varies. any items sourced from antique shops and flea markets are in vintage & pre-loved condition. they will have some wear and tear but that only adds to the uniqueness of the piece. the beauty is in the imperfections and how those items have been used in the past. items that are brand new/unused will be stated in the product description.

Q: why does my piece look tarnished and rusted?

A: this goes back to the pre-loved vintage state of the piece. many items are more than a hundred years old and have aged. they may have a layer of rust, silver tarnish, rubbing or patina on them. 

Q: do you have more information about the piece I'm interested in purchasing?

A: any information about the pieces will be stated in the item description. many pieces are one-of-a-kind or out of production and background information can be difficult to find. I do my best to get date of production, materials, and origin but many times that's not available in large scale markets. new pieces will have any relevant information listed in the description including brand, origin, etc. 

Q: what are the purpose of these items and are they food safe?

a lot of the items are meant for kitchen use, decorative and food/prop styling purposes. if you work in food or prop styling such items are essential to creating the perfect setting. new pieces are always food safe. with antique and vintage items food safety information isn't always readily available, but as with all antiques and vintage items you should be careful and use caution. if there is extremely heavy rusting, patina and tarnish it might be a good idea to not cook or eat with that item. older metals and ceramic glazes can sometimes contain lead, so again those should be used for decorative/styling purposes only. most enamelware and flatware is totally fine for everyday use. just use caution and be careful. 

Q: how can I pay for my order?

A: all payments must be made online through credit card.

Q: where do you ship?

A: a the moment shipping is only available to customers living in the UAE. 

Q: what kind of shipping options do you provide?

A:  there is a flat rate of $10.00 on every order. orders are sent via courier with a tracking number.

Q: when will my purchase be shipped?

all purchases are shipped out within 3-5 days of purchase. you will receive an email notification once your item has been shipped. if there is any unexpected delay I will be sure to inform you.

Q: do you accept returns?

A: sorry, all sales are final.