about noni's place

for the thoughtful home is the central idea behind the online store by noni's place. what began as an aesthetically driven food and lifestyle blog has now extended into an online boutique space purveying a variety of handpicked items for the home. the concept of the thoughtful home is a soulful approach to curating one's home with handpicked items that may tell a story or hold special meaning. these pieces may be one-of-a-kind antiques, a beautiful plate or as simple as a crisp tea towel. items range from simple and clean to ornate and embellished whilst always remaining subtle and tasteful.

about noreen wasti

hello! I am the creator and author of noni’s place – a lifestyle & food site focused on accentuating the aesthetic pleasures in life from the home, to the kitchen, to travel and better living. having worked for a few years in public relations and events for luxury brands I found myself craving a specific inspiration that was soon enough found in the kitchen and home, thus noni's place was born. the website has translated into various collaborations and projects including editorial work, food & prop styling, conceptualizing small events, recipe development, content creation and hosting entertaining workshops.

the idea for the online store sprang out of pure passion. I love purchasing special pieces for my own home and because of the blog I am always on the lookout for unique props to accentuate my food photos. I have my old soul moments and nothing catches my eye in a market like a vintage embellished spoon or platter. after receiving numerous emails from friends and strangers all over asking where I bought this and where I bought that, I realized that there are many people eager to have special and unique pieces for their homes but just didn't know how to go about sourcing them. I decided to create an online space where people would be able to purchase such items and build their own version of a thoughtful home. with a strong eye and an obsessive knack for digging, I source and handpick items from antique shops, flea markets, independent boutiques and artisans that I personally love and hope you will too.